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A colleague says:

"I have worked with Dr. Rose Thomas in consultation meetings and trainings. Simply put, Dr. Thomas is absolutely BRILLIANT! Her wealth of knowledge, skill level and heartfelt compassion serve to make her a remarkable clinician. One would be fortunate to have Dr. Thomas as a therapist or consultant. To have her as my colleague is a gift." --M.Z.


I’m glad you’re here. I welcome you with an open mind, an engaged heart, and a commitment to excellence.


My mission is to help thinking people who’ve lost connection with their feelings, to help feeling people who’ve lost connection with their logic, and to help those who’ve lost connection with their wisdom, to think and feel deeply.


I am a psychologist with 26 years of experience, a broad background in culture and cognition, and specific practice in medically oriented settings. For me, this means listening deeply to you and all the parts of you, especially that heart-brain connection. My goal is to help you gain or recover effective relationships, whether it’s an affinity with those around you who matter, like colleagues or other associates, or intimacy with the people you want in your life: a spouse or lover, friends, children, a community—and, especially, yourself. 


I am here with skills and experience that can help you accomplish your vision of living the ordinary life of an extraordinary you!

Read more on my About page for information on my background and on the My Approach page for ways I can help. See below to contact me for services. I would welcome a message from you.

-Rosa Thomas, Ph.D.

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You may be younger or older, alone or in a relationship. You might feel flooded by choices and the risks that come with them, or remorse for chances you didn’t or couldn’t take. From day to day, fears, regrets, anger, guilt and sadness can show up as too many thoughts, poor sleep, or not feeling at ease, always on edge. Stress and distress can trigger so many different ways to avoid awareness and even miss the signs of safety and relief when they’re there. 

I serve a diverse population and welcome adults of every race, nationality, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation. 

Coronavirus Update:

Video and in-person visits are available. For further information please contact me. 

Important Information for Clients


Secure messaging and documents can be sent and received through this site.

Please contact me for instructions.


Meetings (In-person)

By Appointment on Fridays at:

The Flood Building

870 Market Street, Ste. 465

San Francisco, CA  94102

Between the Powell Street BART station and the Ellis O'Farrell Garage. 


For fee information please send me a message below.

Payment Options:






Master card

Health Savings Account

Superbills provided on request

Schedule below or call: + 1(415) 497 5101

Want to make an appointment?


What People Say

"Rose has a presence that puts people at ease and enables sound decision making. More than that, by talking with her I feel as though I am able to channel that same ease when I am in the presence of others. It's a gift you both receive and can cultivate within yourself to give to others." -T.T. 

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